2017 Spring Babydoll Lamb Reservations

Lambing season is just around the corner and I’m already getting a lot of emails about lambs. I have some beautiful females pregnant and hope to have a flock of little lovelies for you this year.

We will be taking reservations on a first come/first served basis. Last year, I had way more people wanting lambs than I had available, so if you are interested, please reserve soon.

Males are $200. Females are $300. Lambs come in either black or white. Obviously I have no way of knowing what will be born but will do my best to fulfill your gender and color request. If I can’t, I will let you know. We require a 50% deposit to reserve your lamb(s).

Once born, the lambs will need to stay on the farm for eight weeks with their mamas. If you are interested in getting one earlier than that and can bottle-feed, please add that in the comments on the reservation form.

Lambs will have their tails docked and be wormed prior to pick up.

Email me at susanne@huckfarm.com if you have any questions!

Please indicate the number, gender, and color of lambs you desire below. Send the form to me and then pay your deposit through paypal. I will send you a confirmation once everything is received. Thanks!

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