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Huckleberry Farm is a family-owned farm full of dreams, animals, and fun.









Our new Pavilion was just finished it in May 2013 and are thrilled with how it turned out! We’ve enjoyed hosting parties and events here including a Family Camp Out with over 15 families spending the night in tents. Now that was fun!

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We currently raise a flock of spoiled chickens. They live in pretty houses. And they lay pretty eggs. You can purchase eggs from us directly here at the farm. Rainbow Egg Row continues to grow. Our own little chicken village!

We also raise Olde Southdown Babydoll Sheep, Barbados Blackbelly Sheep, goats, donkeys, guineas, turkeys and ducks. We have four Great Pyrenees dogs who guard us and our animals with valiant courage. We have a little orchard started, a vegetable garden, berries, bees and a lot of fire ants.

Huckleberry Farm is located in Upstate South Carolina in heart of Greenwood County. Our farm is approximately an hour south of Greenville and an hour northwest of Columbia. We fell in love with this land and promised to be good stewards of it. Rolling hills and 100 acres of cleared pasture land, plus one of the highest points in the county, give us and our visitors gorgeous miles-long views. Throw in ten acres of ponds and the cutest chickens in the world and you have a lovely place to spend an afternoon, or in our case, the rest of your life. Okay…. maybe the kids aren’t planning on spending the rest of their lives here, but a Mom can hope!


Susanne is our Hen in Charge, a true Chickenista and Fa rmGirly. She went from owning a glamorous Bridal Salon to cleaning chicken coops and found true happiness. Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement but she’s a happy girl (and I know because I’m writing this!). Under her direction, Huckleberry Farm developed a wonderful breeding program with Silkies, Polish, Cream Legbars,  and Rhodebars. We started out with the best stock we could find and worked diligently to develop birds that conform to Standard, lay the perfect egg color and are nice. We are currently ending our breeding program but will still keep chickens for pleasure. Life without chickens is impossible to imagine!  That’s me down there!

A former bridal shop owner with several years of industry experience, Susanne is now a Certified Wedding Planner and a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. She is also a contributing writer at Carolina Farm Stewardship, Southern Mommas and is a freelance writer with an emphasis on everything she loves: weddings, chickens, farming, fashion, families and food. She and her children are currently at work on a book that will introduce farming to kids.

The rest of the rascals… Cole, Colin & Annaliese. And my crazy sweet potatoes! I *might* have forgot to harvest them in a timely manner. Oops!

Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you.

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