Lambs For Sale

Babydoll Lambs For Sale

  We have a limited number Olde English Southdown Babydoll lambs available for sale. Both black and white are available. They are not registered although some of the parents are. All lambs have had their tails docked, are vaccinated and dewormed. They are old enough now to go to their new homes! Prices: $300/ewe and […]


Happy New Year!

Happy Monday everyone! We had a fun and beautiful weekend here on the farm. The big exciting news is that my husband and son both received major roles in the upcoming production of The Music Man here in town. A lot of people tried out, and they were both thrilled with their parts. My husband is […]

Male Peacock

We Have Peacocks!

A sweet friend of mine has known that I’ve been pining away for peacocks for… forever! This week she called me up and said she had a 3-yr old peacock and an 8-month peahen for me. If I wanted them. DUH!!!  Of course I want them! She brought them over, and they are now living […]


10 Reasons Your Hens May Not Be Laying Eggs

As we approach the Winter months (and yes, I realize it’s not technically even Fall yet but a girl can dream!),  we enter the period of the year when hens lay less eggs. However, there are factors that could result in your hens laying less eggs at other times of year. Are you getting less […]


SC State Silkie Meet Scheduled

We will be having the South Carolina state Silkie meet at the Bantam Show, November 17, 2012, at Clemson.  My son will be showing a few of his bantam Polish and we will be showing a few silkies. If you are interested in joining the American Silkie Bantam Club and are in the state of South […]

Bee Frame

We Have Bees!!!

My son Colin and I went through a Certified Beekeeper’s Course in February and March of this year. We both passed our tests and are now on our way to becoming real beekeepers. This weekend we finally received our bees! We will have three hives and ordered three “nucs” from a local beekeeper. A nuc […]


Free Range Chick

I’m guest blogging over at Free Range Chick today! Very cute website about all thing homegrown. Check it out!


Farm Tour 2012 Brochure

The brochure for the 2012 Upstate Farm Tour has just been released. Very nice! Our farm is #14 on the tour. There are lots of other great farms to visit, each offering something a little different and special to their farm. We are focusing on raising backyard chickens. The dates are June 2-3 from 1-6. […]


Up Goes The House

Our farmhouse really took shape this week. We went from a foundation to a house in a matter of hours. So awesome to watch it all come together! Here’s a video my husband took of the process. This is a custom modular home and is gorgeous!


Shearing Day 2012

Since our original flock of sheep are hair sheep and do not to be sheared, we have not had the pleasure of watching a shearing. Now that we have our little Babydoll sheep, that has changed! Yesterday was shearing day and while I’m glad my little babies are cooler, I sure do miss their fuzzy […]


New Little Lambs

After two stillbirths this Spring, we finally have live lambs! Our ewe, Jubilee, gave birth this morning to two little lambs. We have a black little girl and a white little boy. They are so sleepy and little. Can’t wait until they are up and around so we can take some more pictures!


Wry Neck

Wry neck is a tough one. I recently had a hatch where every chick was born with it! That is very unusual though. Wry neck is sometimes called crook neck. With wry neck, the chick will be unable to hold its head upright. Some will only be able to lie on their backs. Some will […]


Spraddle Leg

Spraddle leg, sometimes called splay leg, happens when a newly hatched chick cannot get good footing or traction after hatching. Paper towels or newspaper in the brooder are notorious for causing spraddle leg. Too slippery! We have found that rubber shelf liners (the ones with holes) work great for newborn chicks. They are not slippery […]

Our New HOme

Our New House

After two long years of planning, we are under construction on our dream farmhouse and hope to move in by June. In the meantime, we are all crammed into a little, but nice, singlewide on the farm. We’ve been living in the trailer since September. At the moment, we have two adults, two kids, three […]


Upstate Farm Tour 2012

We are thrilled to be a part of the CFSA Upstate Farm Tour this June 2nd and 3rd. Our farm will be talking about keeping chickens and giving tours of Rainbow Egg Row. Please make plans to visit us or one of the other farms on the tour! You can learn more and purchase tickets […]


Fighting Mites And Lice

his is a great article from Ohio State University on fighting mites and lice. These pests are unavoidable. If you are raising poultry, you will have to fight them at some point. Common External Parasites in Poultry: Lice and Mites Carrie L. Pickworth Avian Disease Investigation Laboratory Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine The Ohio State […]



“Stopping the threat” from Purina Poultry Coccidiosis is caused by a microscopic parasite called coccidia that is transmitted by the droppings from infected birds. In other words, anywhere there’s a microscopic trace of bird poop—in a waterer, a feeder, or in bedding—there’s almost certainly coccidia present. One of the best ways to prevent a coccidiosis […]


Deep Litter Method

One question I always get asked from new chicken owners is what to use in the coop on the floor. We use, and have always used, the Deep Litter Method. The Deep Litter Method is where you allow your coop litter to build up over a period of time. As the chicken manure and litter […]