We are no longer breeding chickens for sale at Huckleberry Farm. We still have a flock of our favorites and continue to follow the practices we developed during our years as breeders.


Our eggs are gathered several times a day to ensure freshness and cleanliness.  Our flock each have their own coop and nest box sized appropriately for the number of birds housed there. All of our breeds are also separated by color.


Each individual breed/color has their own large covered run with coop.  It takes up a lot of space, but it also means where we are able to offer eggs and chicks that are true to color. We do not use small pens or tractors. All of our chickens have constant access to the sun and fresh air, with space to move around. Bedding is kept clean and free from moisture.


We feed all of our chickens high-quality feed appropriate for their age and condition. We start the chicks with medicated starter feed and add in treats as they grow. Our layer flock is on high-protein feed specifically for layers. Chickens absolutely love treats! In fact, they’re crazy for them! We give our chickens lots of yummy treats…. yougurt, greens, scrambled and hard-boiled eggs (we know it sounds a bit odd feeding them eggs, but they love them and all the protein is very good for them), bread, veggies, oatmeal, watermelon, the list goes on and on! Treats make for friendlier and healthier chickens. We just love spoiling them a little!


We have a weeky and monthly schedule of supplements and practices to keep our chickens healthy. Unless absolutely necessary, we follow all organic methods for worming, parasites, and cleaning. Our chickens are routinely given vitamin supplements, apple cider vinegar, and probiotics.