Chocolate Orpingtons

We are no longer breeding these but please enjoy the information!


We are so happy to have a flock of English Chocolate Orpingtons at the farm now. They are so cute! My husband says they look very “English”. Maybe they do since I’m not sure what an English Chicken looks like exactly. I do know that they have adorable little fluffy bottoms and are a gorgeous chocolate color.

Although Orpingtons have been in the US for several years, the chocolate color is new. There are few breeders working with English Chocolate Orpingtons. We were lucky to find several trios of birds from unrelated lines and have introduced several younger birds from another line. Our Chocolate Orpingtons are bantam sized and are easy to raise and quite friendly. The roosters always come running up to check out my boots. They never peck me but they certainly seem interested in them every time! The hens are little chocolate butter balls.