The Rhodebars were developed in the UK and were on the verge of extinction a few years ago. They have recently been introduced to the US and we are thrilled to have a gorgeous flock of them. Rhodebars are prolific layers and will lay over 200 hundreds large tinted eggs a year. The roosters are beautiful with lots of colors and barring. Rhodebars are also another autosexing breed (as are our Cream Legbars). At birth it is quite obvious which chicks are boys and which are girls. Boys are a large white dot on their head and girls have chipmunk stripes. We have found them to be extremely hardy in both hot (it hit 109 degrees this summer!) and cold weather.


If you would like to add some of this rare and lovely birds to your flock, please see the For Sale page to purchase hatching eggs and/or chicks when available.