Oh, the little Silkie! Is there anything cuter than this Muppet of the Farm? We don’t think so! Huckleberry Farm loves their Silkies! We offer hatching eggs, chicks and started birds for sale year round.

Silkies were our very first breed of chickens. Our children saw them in a poultry book and insisted we get some. The search commenced to find some of the best Silkies in the country. We think we’ve succeeded!

Silkies originated in Southeast Asia and are revered for their black skin and purported medicinal magic. They are wonderful mothers and will hatch any hen’s eggs… even ducks! Silkie feathers are wonderfully soft (like silk!). Because of the soft nature of their feathers, they more hop than fly.  They are a sweet and docile breed although they are easily targeted by predators since they generally can’t see that well and cannot escape.

Most visitors to the farm say “Is that a chicken?” Yes, they are! Fluffy, friendly, happy little chickens! Silkies have a beautiful topknot of feathers, called a crest, and have feathered legs and feet. Silkies also have five toes rather than the standard four and have dark blue/black feet and beak. The APA recognized the Silkie in black, blue, white, splash, grey, partridge, self blue and buff.





Huckleberry Farm raises & breeds silkies in blue, black, splash, and paint. Our stock comes from a variety of show-winning lines, and we are continually working on improving our chicks. We sell hatching eggs year-round and generally have chicks and started birds available for local pickup. Occasionally we will have silkies available for shipment. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific. We are members of the American Bantam Association and the American Silkie Bantam Club.





Click here to see the APA Silkie Standard of Perfection.