Splash Silkie Standard of Perfection


From The American Standard of Perfection 2010
©American Poultry Association, Inc.
Permission to make quotations from the test of this book is granted solely
for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge, provided proper credit is cited.

DISQUALIFICATIONS:  any appearance of rust in plumage.

Color – Male and Female

PLUMAGE: Slaty blue and white that has a faint bluish gray tinge. Blue in the feathers in the form of large irregular shaped blobs as distinct from V-shaped ticking. Main tail feathers and primary wing feathers with a lesser amount of blue than the rest of the plumage.

COMB, FACE, AND WATTLES: Deep mulberry, approaching black.

BEAK: Leaden Blue to black.

EYES: Black.

EARLOBES: Light blue turquoise.

SHANKS AND TOES: Slaty Blue, nail: horn to black.

SKIN: Dark Blue.

UNDERCOLOR OF ALL SECTIONS: slaty blue and soot white evenly distributed.