Shearing Day 2012

Since our original flock of sheep are hair sheep and do not to be sheared, we have not had the pleasure of watching a shearing. Now that we have our little Babydoll sheep, that has changed! Yesterday was shearing day and while I’m glad my little babies are cooler, I sure do miss their fuzzy faces!

Little Miss Fluffy Pants was so curious about the happenings that she got to be the first volunteer. Isn’t she adorable?

It was fascinating to watch him work. Even more fascinating watching the sheep just sit there nicely for him. Well, almost all of them did!

Big Ben was next. He came out looking completely different!

Our new little lambs were a tad upset when they’re Mama was having her spa appointment. They just stood there and Baa Baa’d at her the whole time.

One of our ewes decided she didn’t really care for being sheared and took off.  This is what happens when you don’t cooperate with the shearer!

Now we have a huge pile of wool and need a plan! Maybe it’s time to take up spinning.


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