Here are a few recent testimonials from our customers:

“Hello, Just wanted to say thank you! I’m very happy to have business with you. All 12 Ameraucana eggs I received from you were fertile and 11 chicks get hatched last night all healthy and sound! They are beautiful!
Thanks again and hope to deal with you again!  Anna”

Hi there! Been pretty busy these last two weeks but wanted to give you an update on my eggs. When they arrived, I let them rest 48hrs then put them in the incubator. Candled day 7 and had two possible blood rings (left them in to be sure it wasn’t a large blood vessel though) and 1 infertile. The rest miraculously (for shipped eggs) looked great. Too good to be true, right? I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I just candled again, one was a blood ring, the other was great and the other 22 are all GREAT. I seriously can’t believe it. No offense whatsoever, but shipped eggs are a huge gamble! I know I have a ways to go until hatch day, but I wanted you to know that I am so happy and impressed with my purchase. These were my first shipped eggs but I have read a lot on the subject and I know this is fantastic! I have been dying to get some cream legbars for a year now but the eggs are so pricey I couldn’t justify the expense for ones that were shipped. When my incubator is free I will be looking you up! Knowing that even in cold temps these little ones arrived safely gives me courage. Like I said, I know this is unusual and I can’t expect these type of results every time, I know your eggs are very well packed and if I am going to risk it, they will come from you. I will send you another update upon lockdown and hatch if you want me to. Thank you again so much, Tami

“All arrived intact. Hatched out 8 great looking chicks today. 1 Lovely paint!!!” 

“Hi, I received your eggs yesterday and of 10 sellers (selling Marans Eggs) you sent some of the best that I have seen. I will be back for more! Thank you again.”

“Susanne, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for what you do at Huckleberry Farm. Through your hard work you have enabled me to also begin the journey of silkies. The recent hatching eggs I ordered from you was a complete success which was a refreshing considering all the disappointments I have had trying to hatch eggs. The picture is just a few of the babies that I hatched yesterday. Again thank you so much. Debbie Hooks, Debbie’s Krystal Kastle Sikies”

“No broken eggs, 5 out of 11 eggs hatched cute chicks:) thank you”

“Per Marans Egg Color Chart; avg color level 6 & 7 1 8. Will buy AGAIN!”

“Great service as usual.Eggs all came great.All fertile.Will buy again.”

“Hello, Wanted to let you know we have had six hatched so far and one more pipped. 🙂 For shipped eggs, that is excellent!!! We couldn’t be more pleased. Have a great week. Belinda”

“7 out of 12 are good!!!thank’s again for the great packaging!!!!”

“Amazing chicks, can’t wait to order more, eggs came in tact, great packing. A+++”

“almost all developed, 4 hatched, one is a paint pullet!!!! thank you,nice chicks”

“Eggs hatched today. You sent me two paint eggs and both hatched and one already has some nice paint markers!!
All Grey and all lavender hatched as well as one partridge and a black “paint”.
Thank you!! Jessica”